Frequently Asked Questions

1My customers did not receive a invite link?
Please ask the customer to check there spam folder.
2I need to add a missing item to the calculator.
Please email [email protected] with the item you would like adding and a cubic feet of the item if you know what it is.
3How much is the product after the trial.
Each product is a yearly fee of either £50.00 a year or £100.00,£200.00 a year.
4Is there a free trial?
Unfortunately we no longer offer this at the checkout stage. Please contact [email protected] with your username for a free 30 day trial.
5When i invite the customer can they see the cubic feet calculation.
No only you can see the cubic feet calculation for your customer.
6I need to contact support.
Please contact us by email at [email protected]
7I paid for the ultimate package how do i add the calculator to my website?
Go to your Dashboard, click Embed Form copy the text and paste it into a webpage on your website.
8I need help installing the calculator to my website.
Please contact [email protected] please note there will be a £50.00 installation charge.
9Can i check it's a one of payment for a year?
Yes it is a one of yearly payment.
10Do the customers see the cube of their property once entered? Or is the total only known by us? and once completed does it come through by email to the office?
Customers can not see the cubic feet only you once they have submitted it. Yes it comes through by email and also on your removals calculator portal where you can go in and edit the quote and add extra items if the customers forgot to add something. Also staff can do quotes from the removals calculator portal and that will also be sent by email and also be able to be accessed via the portal, you can also add staff and delete them
11Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes 100% we a GDPR compliant.
12Am i tied into a contract?
Absolutely not we do not do contracts here we have made Removals Calculator as affordable as we possibly can for Man and Van, Removals Companies cancel at anytime.
13I want to upgrade my level from Basic or Premium.
Please contact [email protected] and we will give you a code to upgrade via checkout.